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Iwyson Henrique Fernandes da Costa, Roberta Mayara de Moura Rocha, Luciano da Silva Lopes, Hilris Rocha e Silva

Objective: This case report aimed to assess the viability of pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of a Crohn’s Disease outpatient with multimorbidity, for the implantation of a pharmaceutical care service for inflammatory bowel disease patients in a University Hospital. Method: Data regarding associated pathologies and medication history were collected during six months in pharmaceutical consultations, also information on medical charts with due authorization (no. 510.998). Assessment of drug related problems was done with aid of a drug interaction checker and Naranjo adverse drug reaction probability scale, and also Crohn’s disease activity index used during clinical follow-up. Results: A 49-year-old female CD patient with type 2 diabetes, hypertension and glaucoma was followed-up. It was identified adverse drug reaction to metformin resulting in noncompliance with therapy, with posterior resolution of this problem after intervention with health team and patient education about change in the drug scheduling. Conclusions: Thus, pharmacotherapeutic follow-up effectively contributed to the execution of the right interventions: education regarding therapy, change in the antidiabetic drug scheduling and identification of drug adverse reaction. Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up brings the pharmacist to the healthcare team on managing Crohn’s disease and multimorbidities, enhancing adherence and reducing complications, with aid of pharmaceutical interventions. This case also showed the viability to implant this pharmaceutical service in the hospital, expanding it to other inflammatory bowel disease patients.

Descriptors: Crohn disease, Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up, Pharmaceutical interventions.

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