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Émilin Dreher de Lima, Raquel Guerra da Silva, Marinei Campos Ricieri, Carine Raquel Blatt

Objective: Check the pharmacist’s perception and practice regarding the documentation of clinical activities.

Methods: Cross-sectional study with pharmacists of a hospital in Porto Alegre based on the application of a questionnaire in electronic format with questions related pharmacist’s profile (sex, age, formation), acting in clinical pharmacy (practice) and recording information in the medical record (knowing, practice and importancy), between September and October 2016. The sample is composed of all pharmacists working in the services of Supplies and Pharmacy not involved in the elaboration of the study (27 professionals). Descriptive analysis of quantitative data was performed, qualitative data were analyzed by categorization of central idea and frequency acording discourse of the collective subject.

Results: Of the 27 professionals who made up a sample, were possible contacts 26. 73% of the invited pharmacists participated in the study. A profile of young pharmacists (24 to 35 years old), mostly female (94.74%), with recent college conclusion (01 month to 12 years) and in a private institution (83.16%) was observed. Most of these pharmacists (57.89%) work in more than one sector (internal, satellites and central pharmacies). This fact corroborates with the indication of the overload of activities and unavailability of time as limiting factors to the register of the clinical activities of the pharmacist.

Conclusion: Pharmacists of this institution recognize the importance and necessity of doing the documentation of their clinical activities, however, not doing this documentation occurs due to practical inexperience, overload of activities, elaboration of institutional policies and the need for training of these professionals.

Descriptors: Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy Service, Medical Records, Clinical Pharmacy

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