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Karla Bruna Nogueira Torres Barros, Hérick Hebert da Silva Alves, Karla Bruna Nogueira Torres Barros

To verify the prescription indicators described by the WHO in focus in Pharmaceutical Care for high-risk pregnant women attended at the Policlínica Francisco Carlos Cavalcante Roque in the municipality of Quixadá-CE.

It was an observational, cross-sectional study consisting of a predominantly quantitative approach. Prescriptions of 80 pregnant women were analyzed in March to May 2016.

The pregnant women were mostly married, with ages ranging from 29 to 39 years, and the predominant diseases were Infection (22%) (Uurinary, vaginal and intestinal) and Hypertension (18%). It was observed 99 drugs in prescriptions with more than one medicine, having as the most prescribed, Methyldopa (20%), Ferrous Sulfate (11%) and Cephalexin (8%). In the analysis of the prescription indicators, we found the average of 1.3 drugs per prescription, 70% of drugs prescribed by generic name, 5.05% with at least one injectable drug, 13.1% of them containing antibiotics and 76.7 % Of prescription drugs based on the municipality's list of essential drugs.

Therefore, it is suggested that prescriptions of medications for pregnant women be better evaluated, minimizing adverse effects.

Descriptors: High Risk Pregnancy; Indicators; Medicine.

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